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Welcome To TradeTalk

What Is TradeTalk?

TradeTalk.com is a leading online Marketplace for Buying and Selling.   It is run by Export Technologies - the company behind some or Europe's largest online sellers.  There is no safer or better way to buy because TradeTalk tightly regulates the market to ensure only the best companies can Sell to you through TradeTalk.

TradeTalk is a website committed to getting BUYERS the best possible prices and service available and to helping world class SELLERS reach the largest possible market.

TradeTalk is a place for Buyers and Sellers - both Individuals and Companies - to Buy and Sell products online. It offers a wide choice of products for Buyers and increased sales for Sellers. If you have never used TradeTalk before the easiest way to see what TradeTalk offers is to browse round the website. TradeTalk is FREE to Join.   

TradeTalk is very simple to use and 100% secure.

How TradeTalk Works

  • Sellers list their product prices and shipping charges on TradeTalk.
  • Buyers search and browse Seller's products to make purchases.
  • Buyers can buy securely from many different Sellers similtaneously on the TradeTalk site
  • Browsing products is simple and free.
  • Before Buying or Selling on TradeTalk.com you will need to sign up for a free account
    Join TradeTalk Now

The Advantages of TradeTalk

The TradeTalk website is very user friendly. It calculates exchange rates and shipping so that Buyers and Sellers can see the real cost of goods immediately. It also shows the history of Sellers and Buyers so that an informed choice of who to purchase from is simple. TradeTalk has made the Marketplace as secure and fair as possible for everyone.

The Elements of Tradetalk

The concepts of TradeTalk website are very simple - there are:

  • BUYERS - seeking to buy the products listed
  • SELLERS - listing prices for products
  • Information Providers - who list the product information such as pictures and descriptions
  • TradeTalk - the company ensuring the Marketplace runs smoothly and securely

Join TradeTalk

Joining TradeTalk is simple and free.

For Buyers - It is free to buy on TradeTalk.com. The ability to search and browse products, contact sellers, and place product price alerts, are all provided free of charge

For Sellers - It is free to list prices and contact buyers. You can become a product information provider for items that are not yet listed, or request to provide improved information for products that are already listed. There are no fees unless you sell.

If you are new to TradeTalk Join TradeTalk Now

Fees for Sellers

For Buyers on TradeTalk it is absolutely FREE. For Sellers there is a low cost fee ONLY when a SALE is made. View Fees

Contacting TradeTalk

The TradeTalk contact page can be found here: Contact TradeTalk.

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