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Taylormade R9 Super Tri Driver Left Hand

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Product Description

Loaded. Longer. Distance comes through optimization.

• First time combining FCT and MWT with the forgiveness and power of a 460cc head
• Promotes up to 75 yards of side-to-side trajectory change for straighter, longer tee shots
• Aerodynamic shape with deeper face and deeper CG promote higher launch and more spin
• Lighter, softer-tipped Motore shaft promotes more speed and higher launch for added distance

TaylorMade has introduced its new R9 SuperTri and R9 SuperTri Tour drivers, which combine Flight Control Technology (FCT) and Movable Weight Technology with three movable weights in a 460cc head.

The larger head is more forgiving, and its centre of gravity is two millimetres further back in the head than the r9 making it easier to launch the ball higher and with more spin. The inclusion of MWT with three weights promotes a side-to-side trajectory change of up to 75 yards.

The TaylorMade R9 SuperTri driver features

Inverted Cone Technology (ICT).

Although it's milled onto the back of the clubface where it's out of sight, ICT plays a critical role by
increasing the area of the clubface that delivers fast ball speed, promoting more distance on off-centre hits.

The R9 SuperTri driver clubhead has a new shape and a black-on-black colour scheme, including a black PVD clubface. The R9 SuperTri is equipped with a Fujikura Motore 60-gram shaft, which is five grams lighter than the Motore 65 used in the R9 driver.

In addition to being lighter, the Motore 60 makes it easier to launch the ball on a higher launch angle and at a higher spin-rate, which helps many players achieve longer carry for increased distance.

R9 SuperTri: The Most Advanced TaylorMade Driver Ever
The R9 SuperTri unites four viable performance technologies: FCT, MWT, UTW and ICT. Never before have four such impactful, performance enhancing technologies been combined so effectively in a single driver. Plus, there's the superior aerodynamics of the new crown shape.

The R9 SuperTri and R9 SuperTri TP are the most advanced, highest-performing drivers TaylorMade has ever developed. The distance producing power and shot straightening abilities created by their combined clubhead size, clubhead design, performance technologies and shaft specifications make them clubs that no golfer should be without.

Available in Right and Left hand

Regular, Stiff and X-Stiff Shafts
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Date First Appeared on TradeTalk 24/02/2010
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