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Home > Sports & Recreation > Camping > Tents > Party Tents & Marquees > SunnCamp SunnFlaire 6x4 Metre Party Tent Marquee 2010 White

SunnCamp SunnFlaire 6x4 Metre Party Tent Marquee 2010 White

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SunnCamp SunnFlaire 6x4 Metre Party Tent Marquee 2010 White is currently inactive

Product Description

The Sunnflaire Party Tents are excellent temporary outdoor structures, perfect for all events such as parties and celebrations; shelter for people at BBQ's; Outside Hire; Pub Gardens; Smoking Areas; Sporting Events; Craft Shows; Hospitality; Covered Parking and even Temporary Storage.

Sunnflaire Party Tents are fully portable with vertical walls enabling them to sit alongside buildings and cover entrances, as well as providing the flexibility of joining two or more together using optional gutters. Sunnflaire Party Tents are strong and easy to assemble with common sense joins and fixings making them very easy to use. The roof and walls are manufactured in a durable, fire retardant, UV stabilised PE material which can easily be wiped clean of any dirt or grime. The walls and roof are attached to the frame using special bungees included providing a flexible and secure join.

All Party Tent models come with picture windows in the side panels for maximum light exposure, and a roll up centre panel in the end walls. All side panels have heavy duty zips allowing sections to be rolled up and/or removed, giving the structure additional versatility.

Sunnflaire have constructed the Party Tent so that no special tools are required to erect the structure - the tallest parts, including the roof, have been designed to be assembled at ground level before raising on top of the frame.

All Party Tents are supplied with a set of guy lines, although the use of optional tie down kits are highly recommended in all but the very calmest of conditions - please see our tent care and maintenance guide for further information.

Key Features and Specifications:

• Size: 6 x 4m
• Style: Party Tent
• Vertical Walls
• Picture windows
• Durable fire retardent UV Stabilised PE material
• Wipe clean
• Can be extended by joining to other party tents with optional gutters
• Easy to assemble at ground level
• No special tools required
• Optional tie down kits
• Heavy duty zips allow removal of side panels

Product Details
Product ID 274028
TradeTalk Sales Rank 33062
Date First Appeared on TradeTalk 19/02/2010
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