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Home > Sports & Recreation > Camping > Tents > 7-8 Man Tents > Outwell Utah 8 Tunnel Tent (2008)

Outwell Utah 8 Tunnel Tent (2008)

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Outwell Utah 8 Tunnel Tent (2008) Outwell Utah 8 Tunnel Tent (2008)
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Product Description

The New Utah 8 from Outwell is an 8 man Tunnel Tent that focuses on spacious and comfortable Camping, its extremely spacious living and porch area are made possible by the NEW Outwell space frame system, designed especially to get the most amount of space out of your Tent. With panorama windows throughout, combined with the large living and porch area this all comes together to create a open and relaxing ambience. All windows in the Utah 8 benefit from bottom-up curtains that extend upwards to half or full height, giving occupants full eye level views from the windows, while still providing the privacy they wish to have. The Utah 8 also incorporates convenience such as strategically placed organizer pockets, low light windows, and mesh pockets in the inner tents. This Outwell Tunnel tent is sure to please the larger families or groups who enjoy plenty of living space.

• Height 215cm
• Length 750cm
• Width 450cm
• Tent Pack Size 78 x 40 x 42cm / Poles 20 x 72 cm
• Weight 23.5kg / Poles 17.3kg
• Temperature Gauge
• Pre-attached inner Tent
• Lamp holders Light Cable Tidies
• Repair Kit Included


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Product Details
Product ID 10468
TradeTalk Sales Rank 14759
Date First Appeared on TradeTalk 26/02/2008
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