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Greys Bewick Centre Pin Reel

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  • Greys Bewick Centre Pin Reel
  • Greys Bewick Centre Pin Reel
  • Greys Bewick Centre Pin Reel
  • Greys Bewick Centre Pin Reel
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Product Description

You don't have to own a centrepin to enjoy your river fishing or close-in carp and tench work but you're missing a fantastic way of fishing if you never try it out. Centrepins give you a measure of control you'd never previously dreamt of on running water and the thrill of playing a big fish on a ‘pin' is something you'll never forget. The Bewick is designed in Alnwick around classic designs. They're incredibly light, yet amazingly strong. The shoulder of the reel grows organically from the bar - there's nothing welded here. Look how the reel foot is dovetailed for strength. A quick release spool, delightful handles - the whole reel is just so seductive you'll wonder why you haven't fi shed with a Bewick before.

• Classically designed around the traditional ‘pin' principle
• Extreme lightness, perfect for trotting work
• Flawless engineering and top quality materials ensure strength and lifelong durability
• Quick release spool
• 6061 Aluminium
• Perforated lightweight drum
• Adjustable thrust bearing
• Designed and Developed in Alnwick, England
Product Details
Product ID 270806
TradeTalk Sales Rank 3337
Date First Appeared on TradeTalk 30/11/2009
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